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The Coronation March by the German composer Giacomo Meyerbeer comes from Act 4, Scene 2 of his grand opera, Le Prophète (The Prophet). Set in the 16th century, it is based on the life of John of Leiden, Anabaptist leader and "King of Münster", with the libretto influenced by the works of Voltaire. The 5-act opera deals with love, revenge and tragedy. It was premiered by the Paris Opera at the Salle Le Peletier on 16 April 1849, with audience members including Chopin, Verdi, Delacroix, Charles Dickens and Berlioz.

During his life, Meyerbeer was a dominant figure in the world of opera, with Hector Berlioz saying of him 'he has not only the luck to be talented, but the talent to be lucky.'

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Duration: Approx. 3.40 minutes


Difficulty Level: 3rd Section +


PDF download includes parts and score. Also includes alternative parts for horns in F and lower brass in bass clef.


Sheet music available from



Soprano Cornet Eb

Solo Cornet Bb

Repiano Cornet Bb

2nd Cornet Bb

3rd Cornet Bb

Flugel Horn Bb

Solo Horn Eb

1st Horn Eb

2nd Horn Eb

1st Baritone Bb

2nd Baritone Bb

1st Trombone Bb

2nd Trombone Bb

Bass Trombone

Euphonium Bb

Bass Eb

Bass Bb


Coronation March from 'Le Prophète' (Brass Band) Meyerbeer arr. Rob Bushnell

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