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Capriccio for Brass Band (Robbert Vos) was the winner of both the overall prize decided by the judges and Public Commendation prize for the 2020 International Brass Band Composer Competition, a contest that included some 92 entries from around the world.


The composer writes:  'My Capriccio for Brass Band is a lively, intense and virtuosic piece based on several thematic, rhythmical and harmonic ideas which are developed during the piece. It is non-programmatic and not based on a storyline. The middle section, in contrary, is in more of a minimalistic style, where there is room to create a mysterious and open atmosphere. Rhythmical elements are quoted from the opening movement, whilst clashing chords are used to build up tension. The last movement builds to a big climax, where several of the compositorial ideas used before come together for the finale.'


PDF download includes score and full set of parts.


Sheet music available from:

UK -




Difficulty Level: Championship Section 



Soprano Cornet Eb

Solo Cornet Bb

Repiano Cornet Bb

2nd Cornet Bb

3rd Cornet Bb

Flugel Horn Bb

Solo Horn Eb

1st Horn Eb

2nd Horn Eb

1st Baritone Bb

2nd Baritone Bb

1st Trombone Bb

2nd Trombone Bb

Bass Trombone

1st Euphonium Bb

2nd Euphonium Bb

Bass Eb

Bass Bb


Percussion 1-3



Capriccio for Brass Band (Robbert Vos)

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