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Espen Wallacher Haukås


Espen Wallacher Haukås (born September 1st 1985) is a Norwegian arranger and composer with lifelong links to many of the renowned brass bands on the Norwegian west coast. He started playing percussion at the age of 13, commencing his banding career with Haukås Musikklag in 2000, before quickly moving on to Eikanger-Bjørsvik in 2002.

After some years of studying law at university (playing with Kleppe Musikklag at the time), he found his way to Manger Musikklag for the season of 2010/11 - the period Manger became European Champions in Montreux in May 2011.

After five seasons as principal percussionist with Manger Musikklag, he stepped down to focus on work and family life and rejoined his elder musicians from his time in Eikanger at Bjørsvik Brass, were he still holds the position of principal percussionist.

Espen has had the honour of playing at numerous contests throughout Europe, including performing at the National Championships of Great Britain with both The Fairey Band, and most recently the Cory Band.

Working as an instructor and tutor from the age of 13, Espen has written a wide range of pieces for percussion as the repertoire is not readily available and had to be written especially for many of the groups and ensembles he has worked with through the years.

After joining Manger Musikklag, he was given many opportunities to have his arrangements
played at concerts, learning a lot from this and being inspired to arrange more for larger ensembles, full brass band and solo pieces.

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