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Ruben Schmidt


Ruben Schmidt started his musical training at an early age in The Salvation Army, in the small town of Solingen in Germany. He holds a degree in music from the University of Cologne (Musikhochschule Köln), where he studied French Horn with Ulrich Hübner, along with music education, history and general education. His music is widely published, played and recorded in the Salvation Army music world. It has been played by all the major Salvation Army staff bands and is also popular in the wider brass band scene.

Ruben's music has been featured by the University of Graz Brass Band and the University of Huddersfield Brass Band. The Youth Brass Band NRW played his music in a concert as part of the European Festival event surrounding the European Brass Band Championships in Ostend 2017. Cologne Concert Brass Band have commissioned several compositions, and produced a Christmas CD, which featured many of his arrangements of German Christmas carols.

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