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BrookWright's MyDemo initiative provides composers, arrangers and publishing companies the opportunity to have high-quality recordings, audio demos and rolling-score videos produced of their music, as well as backing tracks created using the finest sampled sounds and audio technology. We realise not everyone has access to an ensemble or sample libraries, and so here we offer both live recordings and highly realistic audio representations that you can use to promote your music.


While we specialise in demos for brass band, orchestra and wind band, we have access to live recorded sounds of virtually any instrument and reverbs replicating the acoustics of some of the most iconic studios, concert halls and churches in the world.

The following options are available through MyDemo:

• Fully edited studio recording of your music by Yorkshire Imperial Band, an elite level UK-based brass band;

• Demo of your music created using the finest sample libraries available, featuring the live sounds of some of the world's finest musicians recorded in some of the most sought after recording venues;

• Demo of your music created using Noteperformer 4, an AI-based playback engine.

• Highly realistic backing track created using the actual sounds of the BBC Symphony Orchestra's grand piano, Noire's Yamaha CFX 9' grand piano or the Royal Albert Hall organ. Any combination of orchestral and world instruments also available.

• Rolling score video displaying the sheet music of your piece (available for all the above options for a small additional cost).

Disinformation! (Brass Band) Joe Galuszka

Disinformation! (Brass Band) Joe Galuszka

Published by BrookWright Music - This atmospheric work by English composer Joe Galuszka is set in three movements: I. Fear II. Hope III. Solidarity (March for Truth) The composer writes: ‘All around us is mistrust in the information we receive. Chinese misinformation. Russian disinformation. ‘Fake News’ in the United States. At every turn we doubt what we hear, what we see. Disinformation was composed in response to the ever-growing and all powerful misinformation campaigns worldwide that reached dizzying levels of influence, coming from some of the most eminent heads of states, during the turn of the 21st century. With division and disillusionment now rife and engrained in Western democracies, the unravelling of the social order is reflected in this short work for brass band.  Opening with Fear, Disinformation starts with vast amounts of noise taking over the establishment and paints a world with people coming to terms with the cacophony of sound that is ‘false information’. With a retreat to a brief moment of solace, Hope conjures up a calm escapism where on the outside, the brave and the wise look on to what is becoming of our new world. Maybe there is chance to pull together? Ending with a frenzied, brazen climax, the piece concludes with Solidarity – where people and the politicians come to loggerheads in a battle – where those who seek division are called out and the lies are laid bare for all to see, as we enter, once more, the unknown.

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How does it work?

Simply upload a Sibelius (version 2022.10 or earlier) or xml file to the link above and we will aim to give you a quote for your project within 24 hours.

How long does it take? 

We aim to produce your audio or video file within 7 days, depending on the size of the job.

Which sample libraries do we use? 

For orchestral and wind band tracks we generally use BBC Symphony Orchestra and Berlin Series, while for brass band tracks we use Noteperformer 4 along with percussion sounds from BBC Symphony Orchestra and Berlin Series. For backing tracks we typically use Noire Piano or BBC Symphony Orchestra Piano and Royal Albert Hall Organ. We also have access to many of the finest libraries from Spitfire Audio, Orchestral Tools and Musio amongst others. For a full display of the libraries we have access to, please click here. 


What other processing is used?

We typically use a number of industry standard plugins to enhance the sound of a project, while applying an appropriate reverb using real life spaces to create realism. These include the iconic sounds of Air Lyndhurst Studio and Berlin's Teldex Studio amongst others. In addition we work with EQ and compression where necessary to create a final mastered version that can be played on multiple devices at the standard streaming volume.

How will I receive my files?

For audio demos, you will receive an MP3 or WAV file, or both depending on your requirements. Video files will be sent in mov format although can also be provided in other formats if required. Links will be sent to your email to download your files.

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