A delightful French Romantic style waltz which gives scope for various soloists around the ensemble to display their musical prowess. Ideal for a lighter moment in your concert program.


The flexible instrumentation means the work can be performed by a variety of different ensembles.


PDF download includes score and full set of parts.


The sheet music for this items is available from Solid Brass Music Company at www.solidbrassmusic.com


Difficulty Level: Medium Advanced



Part 1 - Cornet/Trumpet (includes parts in Bb & C)

Part 2 - Cornet/Trumpet (includes parts in Bb & C)

Part 3 - Horn (includes parts in Eb & F)

Part 4 - Trombone (includes treble & bass clef parts)

Part 5 - Euphonium (includes treble & bass clef parts)

Part 6 - Tuba (includes Eb & Bb and treble & bass clef parts)

Percussion 1-2 (optional)

A Little Waltz - Brass Sextet (Andrew Wainwright)


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