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Adagio for 12 Horns was written for the CWU Horn Ensemble and premiered during the middle of the school year at its quarterly horn ensemble concert, but the first big performance was at the International Horn Society’s Symposium in Denver, CO in 2008. The composer writes: 'I absolutely love the concert key of Db major, and couldn’t resist writing a slow pretty piece in this key. I was so obsessed with harmony in this piece (which is really quite simple sometimes) that I didn’t make the piece too melodically prominent. There are moving lines, but other

times there are just chorales. My goal of this piece is just to combine

many elements into one beautiful collage.' 


To view a performance video of this item please visit:


PDF download includes score and parts.


Sheet music available from:

UK -





Horn in F 1-12




Adagio for 12 Horns (Sean Brown)

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