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Boreas was an ancient Greek deity personifying the north wind. He was a winged god of ruthless disposition, which was rivaled only by the harsh wintry winds at his command. Boreas fell in love with Orithyia, the King’s daughter. Contrary to his genuine nature, he attempted to woo her with sweet words of devotion. His efforts were in vain, and Orithyia failed to yield to his advances. With this rejection, Boreas’s temper flared and he, once again, was overcome by his icy and merciless nature. Like Boreas, this work begins with slow, lyrical lines that quickly fade into an unrelenting fury of anger. Moments reminiscent of Boreas’s words of affection appear, but they are quickly washed away as the piece escalates.


This arrangement was written for Joseph Parisi and the Fountain City Brass Band as a small token of

thanks. The original version for wind ensemble was commissioned by and written for Timothy Shade and the Bethel College Wind Ensemble.


To view a video of Diamond Brass Band performing the work please visit:


Sheet music available from:

UK -



Difficulty Level: 2nd Section +



1 Soprano Cornet (Eb)

9 Cornets (Bb)

1 Flugelhorn

3 Tenor Horns (Eb)

2 Baritones (Bb)

2 Trombones (Bb)

1 Bass Trombone

2 Euphoniums (Bb)

2 Basses (Eb)

2 Basses (Bb)

4 Percussion 

Boreas: The North Wind (Brass Band) Derek Jenkins

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