A spectacular opener to any Christmas concert, based on the French carol, Bring a torch, Jeanette, Isabella. This work tells the story of a group of children in medieval Provence, dressed up as shepherds and milkmaids, carrying torches and candles as they proceed to the stable. As they draw closer and their excitement increases, they are constantly reminded by their parents to keep the noise down so that they don't wake up the baby Jesus. The music begins quietly and builds to a majestic conclusion. "If I were still conducting regularly, this would certainly be on my list as a Christmas concert opener - it sets the energy and mood most effectively. The scoring is terrific." Paul Hindmarsh, music critic 


To view a follow-the-score video please visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nhZFB-J8Mg&t=105s


Sheet Music available from www.jwpepper.com


Version also available for Choir & Orchestra at www.jwpepper.com


Difficulty: Medium Advanced



Flute 1-2


English Horn

Clarinet in Bb 1-2

Bassoon 1-2

Horn 1-4

Trumpet in Bb 1-3

Trombone 1-2

Bass Trombone



Percussion 1-3


Christmas Processional (Orchestra) French Traditional arr. Andrew Wainwright