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This horn concerto by American composer Sean Brown However was commissioned by Anna Edwards and the Saratoga Orchestra of Whidbey Island for the composer himself to perform.


The composer writes: 'I made sure to write the solo horn part in a way that really challenged me but wasn’t nearly impossible to play. And, since I love the sound of the orchestra so much, I made sure that this piece isn’t just about the horn soloist. I intended for the horn and

orchestra to take the journey together, side by side, as two old friends would. I was careful to write and arrange the orchestra so that balance between the soloist and orchestra wouldn’t be a problem. There are times where the orchestra parts have more of an equal role with the soloist, a role which never should be forgotten. Important melodic lines in the orchestra should be brought out, and the soloist should be willing to play loud when the music

really calls for it.'


This version is for horn soloist in F and piano.


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Concerto No.1 - 'Reverence' (F Horn with Piano) Sean Brown

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