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Jamie Hood (trumpet/flugelhorn); Stephen Bulla & AnnaMaria Mottola (piano)


Jamie Hood is recognised in the US and Europe as an educator, conductor and cornet soloist. 

Given his lifelong commitment to The Salvation Army, it comes as no surprise that this second solo CD should present repertoire directly linked to the movement, blending the lyrical with the virtuosic, the sacred with secular; combining classics of the genre with newly commissioned works. 


Two works from the pen of Erik Leidzen, ‘Songs in the Heart’ and ‘Tucker’, both staples of the Salvation Army cornet repertoire provide pillars of tradition supporting works by Bulla, Downie, Whitacre and a nice, bluesy arrangement of ‘Great is thy Faithfulness’ by Eric Alexander.

Leidzen’s ‘Songs in the Heart’ written in 1960 is followed by a delightful arrangement of ‘South Shields’ by Kenneth Downie, whose original work ‘Rondo for Jamie’ is also featured. 


Four works by the American composer and arranger Stephen Bulla make up the bulk of the recording: ‘Spanish Dances for Two’ where Jamie is joined by his brother Marc on cornet and flugel;‘Visions of Slane’, a flugel solo based on the eponymous 8th century Irish hymn tune, perhaps better known as ‘Be Thou My Vision’; the title track ‘Crossroad’, and ‘As Life Awakens’, a lovely subdued and lyrical flugel work.



1. Songs in the Heart - Erik Leidzén

2. South Shields - arr. Kenneth Downie

3. Spanish Dances For Two - Stephen Bulla

Duet featuring Marc Hood, cornet and flugelhorn 

4. Great Is Thy Faithfulness - arr. Eric Alexander

5. Rondo For Jamie - Kenneth Downie

6. Visions of Slane - Stephen Bulla

7. Crossroad - Stephen Bulla

8. The Seal Lullaby - Eric Whitacre

Duet featuring Brandon Jones, euphonium

9. Jubilance - William Himes

10. As Life Awakens - Stephen Bulla

11. Tucker - Erik Leidzén


Crossroad - Full Album MP3

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