This quirky impromptu for brass sextet, by English composer Steven Ponsford, was the result of an improvisation at the piano experimenting with various cross rhythms over a 6/8 signature. Implementing various jazz features such as double fourths and minor 9th chords, it will be an entertaining concert item for both listener and player alike.


The flexible instrumentation means the work can be performed by a variety of different ensembles.


PDF download includes score and full set of parts.


The sheet music for this items is available from Solid Brass Music Company at


Difficulty Level: Medium Advanced



Part 1 - Cornet/Trumpet (includes parts in Bb & C)

Part 2 - Cornet/Trumpet (includes parts in Bb & C)

Part 3 - Horn (includes parts in Eb & F)

Part 4 - Baritone/Trombone (includes Bb treble & bass clef parts)

Part 5 - Euphonium (includes Bb treble & bass clef parts)

Part 6 - Tuba (includes Eb & Bb and treble & bass clef parts)

Impromptu for Six (Brass Sextet) Steven Ponsford