Originally titled 'Incidental Music for Three Seans No. 2,' this piece was written for Sean A. Brown (horn), Sean McClanahan (trombone) and Sean Draper (euphonium). 


The composer, Sean A. Brown writes: 'The technical abilities we all had was inspiration to make this piece quite a challenge, although I believe the challenge here is more in the ensemble than the individual. I went with a style that I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed, the waltz, but am skeptical about writing, since waltzes aren’t written much anymore. I feel that I made it appropriate, and was able to inquire humor into this style. Despite the humorous side, this is a showpiece, and it has to sound impressive, as well.'


PDF download includes score and parts.


Sheet music available from:

UK - www.brassband.co.uk

USA - www.solidbrassmusic.com







Incidental Trio No. 2 (Sean Brown)