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This work by Micah Roberts was the winner of the BrookWright International Brass Ensemble Competition 2023. 'Mount Auburn' for Trombone Sextet is a musical depiction of the bustling section of Cincinnati of the same name. The glissandos represent sirens, the psuedo-omnibus signifies the chaos of the traffic, but the overall aura of the piece still shows what a pleasure it can be to live there. These components, the activity, is not a negative, but the intrinsic qualities that show just how entertaining the city life can be.


To view a rolling score video of the work please visit


This PDF download includes a full score and parts. Trombone parts 1-4 are provided in both bass clef and treble clef.



Trombones 1-4

Bass Trombones 12

Mount Auburn (Trombone Sextet) Micah Roberts

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