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Skidaddle will be the perfect item to provide a lighter moment in your band's programme. The composer Barrie Gott writes:


‘‘Skidaddle’ literally means to move in a hurry. This piece means exactly that - to get moving. I was experimenting at the piano at school one morning waiting for my first students and this little ditty came to mind. Four hours later I had the first draft done!


It is supposed to be a bit of fun with a few technical demands for cornet and euphonium in particular. The semi-quaver (sixteenth) work needs to be precise. Try and get the audience involved and they’ll be yours for the larger works on the programme.’


Difficulty Level: 1st Section +


Sheet music available from:

UK -




Soprano Cornet Eb

Solo Cornet Bb

Repiano Cornet Bb

2nd Cornet Bb

3rd Cornet Bb

Flugel Horn Bb

Solo Horn Eb

1st Horn Eb

2nd Horn Eb

1st Baritone Bb

2nd Baritone Bb

1st Trombone Bb

2nd Trombone Bb

Bass Trombone

Euphonium Bb

Bass Eb

Bass Bb


Drum Set


Skidaddle (Brass Band) Barrie Gott

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