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This delightful arrangement by Scottish composer Kenneth Downie of the much loved hymn 'Sweet Hour of Prayer' is now available for chamber orchestra. This ethereal setting transforms the familiar melody into a tapestry of celestial sound. The setting was one of the pieces on the CD Classic Hymns - The Symphonic Music of Kenneth Downie, available from this website.
The arranger writes: 'There is a winsome quality to the words and music of Walford’s hymn 'Sweet Hour of Prayer' that I find most attractive. The tune, by William Bradbury, captures this mood and I have tried to emulate it in my setting for orchestra. References to prayer calling us from a world of care, and bringing relief from seasons of distress and grief, are key to understanding the required style. The overall effect in performance should be to generate a feeling of calm and peaceful assurance.'


To view a rolling score video of the piece please visit


PDF download includes score and parts. 


Clarinet in Bb 1&2
Horn in F 1&2
Violin I
Violin II
Double Bass

Sweet Hour of Prayer (Chamber Orchestra) William Bradbury arr. Kenneth Downie

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