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This delightful duet for cornet and trombone by Kenneth Downie is based on the hymn tune Ellers (Edward Hopkins). Kenneth Downie writes: 'I have always been attracted to the hymn tune Ellers, especially when used with the lovely words of Theodore Hopkins Kitching which begin 'How wonderful it is to walk with God'. When trying to think of material for a duet, I went back to this tune by Edward Hopkins, and used it as the central section of a short ternary form piece, sandwiched between original music in the same lyrical style.'


To view a video of David Daws and Brett Baker performing the work please visit


Download includes PDF both solo parts in Bb and trombone part in bass clef with piano accompaniment, plus backing track.


Sheet music available from:

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To Walk with God (Cornet & Trombone Duet) Edward Hopkins arr. Kenneth Downie

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