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Keith M. Wilkinson


Dr. Keith M. Wilkinson has been successfully directing brass bands for more than 50 years. He commenced regularly conducting brass bands while he was a student at the University Of Manchester and following two enjoyable periods directing Salvation Army bands he entered the highly competitive British brass band contesting scene in 1976. In the following 20 years he enjoyed an enormous amount of success, including having the privilege of directing the first-placed band in more than 40 contests with bands such as GUS, William Davis, and Newtongrange.

Since moving to the USA in 1996 he has received invitations to return to Britain and Europe to conduct and, following a recent appearance with Newtongrange Band, one commentator wrote 'a welcome return to the UK of a conductor of proven 24 carat class'. (Iwan Fox, He was also for a time principal guest conductor of Switzerland's Brass Band Fribourg.

Each of the bands he has directed have established an outstanding reputation for their concert presentations and these have been enhanced by the inclusion of some of Keith's brass band arrangements.

Since arriving in the USA he has continued his previous success by conducting the first-placed band on five occasions in different sections of the North American Brass Band Championships (NABBA). He is often in demand to adjudicate at NABBA and other high-profile contests.

Keith tried his hand at brass band orchestration while still in high school and this aspect of banding has continued to hold his attention. Some of his arrangements have been used as test pieces at major championships and he has more than 100 published arrangements with publishers in Britain, Switzerland and USA, including BrookWright Music.

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