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Rob Bushnell


Rob Bushnell has enjoyed many successes to date. Whether composing, arranging, conducting or typesetting, his abilities and talents encompass a large range of subjects and disciplines. Rob has produced hundreds of pieces for a large variety of ensembles, which have been performed the world over.

Brought up playing in brass bands, he studied composition at college with Ian Schofield and at university with Prof. Philip Wilby, Dr. Michael Spencer and Dr. Emily Howard. During his time at the latter, a fortuitous conversation led to him working as a music advisor to some of the best conductors and brass bands in the world. More recently, his composition '...and has forgotten the gift.’ was recorded by the A4 Brass Quartet for their debut CD 'Mists of the Mountains'.

As a performer, Rob has played across Europe with a multitude of groups and ensembles, from brass bands to symphony orchestras, military bands to pit orchestras, at venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, RMA Sandhurst and the Menin Gate. He has had the honour of performing to various members of the Royal Family, has performed live on BBC radio and has even appeared in a music video. Although he started his musical life on cornet (and piano), it is now normal to find Rob at the back of an ensemble in the percussion section.

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