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A finalist in the 2021 BrookWright International Brass Ensemble Composition Competition, this highly imaginative and creative etude by Karl Whelan will be a great addition to your ensemble's repertoire. Scored for brass sextet, it tells the story of a night in the life of a hedgehog.


The composer writes:

'Most people when they get back from rehearsing with a band, unlock their door and walk right into their house. Not me. We have two children who are usually asleep, and a dog, Hagrid, that barks if someone so much as sneezes down the road. A few weeks ago I was on my way back from rehearsal and like any other rehearsal and, as I have done for the past five years, sent a message to my wife letting her know I was nearly home. On receiving this message, my wife proceeded to let Hagrid out in the back yard, thus allowing me to enter our home without fear of waking the children.


On this occasion, however, as I entered the house I could hear Hagrid barking in the back yard. My wife said that he had been doing it since she let him out, so I hurried to let him in. On opening the back door, I could see Hagrid barking uncontrollably at what looked like a ball on the floor. On closer inspection, I realised this was in fact a hedgehog. We have no idea how the hedgehog got in! We gave it some food and took a picture (obviously) and left it to eat. After about two minutes. my wife asked me to check if it was still there - it had vanished as inexplicably as it had appeared. This piece is what I imagine a night in the life of a hedgehog is like. The photo of the hedgehog eating is available upon request!'


PDF download includes score and full set of parts.


Sheet music available from:

UK -



Difficulty Level: Medium Advanced



Part 1 - Cornet/Trumpet in Bb

Part 2 - Cornet/Trumpet in Bb

Part 3 - Horn (includes parts in Eb & F)

Part 4 - Trombone (includes bass clef & Bb treble clef parts)

Part 5 - Euphonium (includes bass clef & Bb treble clef parts)

Part 6 - Tuba (includes bass clef & Eb treble clef parts)

The Elusive Hedgehog (Brass Sextet) Karl Whelan

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