This accessible march by Australian composer Barrie Gott was written for the composer's primary school concert band. Highlighting the 6/8 march style, it will be ideal for intermediate ensembles.


PDF download includes score and full set of parts.


Sheet music available from:

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Difficulty Level: Medium Easy



Part 1 - Trumpet/Cornet in Bb

Part 2 - Trumpet/Cornet in Bb

Part 3 - Horn (includes parts in Eb & F)

Part 4 - Trombone (includes bass clef & Bb treble clef parts)

Part 5 - Euphonium (includes bass clef & Bb treble clef parts)

Part 6 - Tuba (includes bass clef & Eb and Bb treble clef parts)

Water Street March (Brass Sextet) Barrie Gott