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This piece for brass quintet is built around the tune of the popular hymn What a Friend we have in Jesus. The euphonium starts the piece with a flourish - the preacher's call to listen. After a slow introduction of the main tune, the piece soon moves into a jazz style variation played on the cornet/trumpet.  Two other tunes appear, first one to which the words 'I love him better every day' are often sung, and the second, in a more reflective mood, tells 'This is why I love my Jesus'. 


The original melody in its variation form returns  in a swing style to finish the piece. A number of variations of instrumentation are available as below:



Part 1 - Cornet/Trumpet Bb

Part 2 - Horn (includes parts in Eb & F)

Part 3 - Trombone/Baritone (includes bass clef and Bb treble clef parts)

Part 4 - Euphonium (includes bass clef and Bb treble clef parts)

Part 5 - Tuba (includes bass clef and Eb & Bb treble clef parts)

Drum Set


Sheet music available from:

UK -


What a Friend (Brass Quintet) Converse arr. Ivan Andrews

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